Materials: Steel, motors, mechanical parts.

Dimensions: 15 sculptures total; 4 x 6 x 4 feet each. Up to 1500 sq. feet when installed as a group.

Installation view from the exhibition "Organic Mechanics", November-December, 1998.
A 2-person exhibition
with Simone Jones.

Sponsored by InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre and installed within a former leather coat factory, in the garment district of downtown Toronto.

Photos: Peter McCallum

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Nov.-Dec, 1995

'Coil Room', fills a 1,500 square foot space with fifteen vibrating four foot round inverted steel coils, extended from the ceiling almost to the floor. Spaced apart so that viewers may walk among them like an exotic/erotic garden, powered by sexual energy. The spirals movement is controlled by a slowly rotating 3 foot round disk imprinted with a colour image of a vulva, which acts as a switch. The work envelops and induces a sympathetic resonance in the viewer.

This installation emerged out of a series relating technology and the female body. 'Coil Room' was created as an exploration of vibration and resonance as a power source to create hypothetical machines that are driven by female sexual energy and emotional power.

This installation was originally exhibited as part of a show called 'Net@Works' at the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City with 11 other Canadian electronic media artists from October to November 1995. It has also been presented as part of 'Organic Mechanics', in Nov. 1998, and at the Cambridge Gallery in May 1999.