Materials: Wood, Plexiglas, reflective mylar, plastic toys.

Dimensions: 3 sculptures total;
12 x 24 x 12 inches each.

Installation view from 'The Hoarding Project', a group exhibition of
site-specific, outdoor sculpture from June 6th to December 29th, 1998.
Festival Hall construction site, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Photos: Peter McCallum

Six Toronto artists, (Victoria Scott, Michael Alstad, Martha Elieen, Bartley Harnett, Janet Hethrington, and Steve Topping) each created 3 site-specific installations. The work was fully integrated into the private side of the hoarding and was viewed from the sidewalk.

Visible from the street, 24 hours a day for 7 months, the public was offered an unusual way to experience the construction site, through viewing holes in the construction site's plywood hoarding.

The work comments on the razing of a downtown city neighborhood, of houses and small commercial buildings, to make way for the construction of an entertainment complex.