Materials: Wood, paper, motor, hammer, aluminum track, galvanized nails, suitcase.

Dimensions: 8' x 8' x 8'

Installation view: 'Cycles: The Eternal Return', Sea Monkeys Collective, OCAD New Media Studio, Toronto, May 1991.

This installation is about imposed geographical boundaries and natural 'lay-lines' within the body. Energy pathways and currents throughout the body and naturally occurring within the earth.

A collage of maps makes up the surface of the platform. Superimposed are tissue-paper dressmaker sewing patterns arranged to correspond with the acupuncture energy lines that course through the body. A train track rings the periphery of the platform and powers a platform slowly carrying a hammer around the body. Above the platform are four 2 x 4's punctured with galvanized nails. Atop the point where the tips of the boards meet sits an empty suitcase.