Materials: Steel, wood, speakers, electronic drum pad and custom-built analog synthesizer.

Dimensions: 5' x 5' x 10'

Photos: Doug Laxdal
'Sound Hut' is a sound sculpture comprised of a main steel dome and a smaller replica dome. The hut was originally created as an 'emotional safety structure', a space where someone may be alone, but still transmit their emotional state and maintain an aural presence in the exterior space.

Inside the hut, the vibration from the lightest caress or touch along the sides of the walls is picked-up by a large contact mic (electronic drum pad) attached to the ceiling. The signal is transmitted to the small hut, 10 feet away, which contains a homemade analog synthesizer and transformed into piercing noise.

Sound Hut' was shown at ArtSpace in Peterborough (1990) as part of 'No Barriers', an exhibit of interactive sound sculpture.